Knock Out Networking University features short videos, accountability tools, and live monthly events designed to help sales producers grow their business and sales managers grow their firm.

The hard, actionable ideas presented in Knock Out Networking University, through programs like Fight Club, have helped generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales production, recruiting, and retaining high producing sales teams.

Michael Goldberg, boxer, speaker, and “knock out” networker has been sharing his ideas while speaking at conferences, sales meetings, and training events.

Now you can have access to all of his networking approaches here!

Knock Out Networking University offers online programs (or Rounds!) to help sales producers grow their business through networking. Topics include the Rules of Networking, Identifying and Developing Your Target Market, Working a Room, Your Elevator Speech, Developing Your Own Networking Group, Generating Referrals, Following Up, Staying in Touch, Social Media, Being More Focused, and Establishing Important and Fun Relationships.

Imagine having Michael Goldberg in your corner!

If you’re ready to focus on growing your business when the bell sounds, enroll in Knock Out Networking University today!

Keep the left up!

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